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A revolutionary marketing technology that helps advertisers connect with more prospects.

TEXTiUM was founded on the statistical fact that the modern consumer prefers texting over phone calls, multi-step online forms, and physical visits when interacting with a business or organization. We all know this in our own lives, yet most direct marketing offers — printed mail and email — ignore texting as a response option. By not allowing an interested prospect to interact the way they want, engagement and effectiveness decline year after year.

TEXTiUM’s patent-pending Precision Texting™ technology changed all that. Today, more and more agencies include a TEXTiUM solution — CORE, Instant Info, or Magic URL — in their marketing efforts to offer prospects and targeted shoppers the ability to text for a special offer, coupon, or information. When they do, TEXTiUM does three things:

1). Identifies the recipient and captures their mobile phone number

2). Automatically responds with a personalized text response with an image and clickable links to call or visit the advertiser’s website

3). Instantly delivers to the advertiser a real-time lead with the prospect’s name and verified mobile number

With the barrier between interest and engagement removed via the convenience of texting, more prospects respond. Instead of deploying a mail or email campaign and hoping the phone will ring, hot leads for every interested prospect are delivered to the advertiser’s CRM or email. With name and mobile number in hand, each prospect can be called immediately. These 100% accurate real-time leads are a valuable commodity for any advertiser in any segment — car dealers, real estate, retail, warranties and insurance, financial, political, non-profit and many more.

TEXTiUM is not a direct marketing or advertising agency. We are a marketing technology company creating solutions that improve the performance of marketing products offered by agencies. As an innovation-based company, we are always looking for new ways to adapt our technology to meet the needs of even more industries, improving marketing results, and creating more opportunities for businesses and organizations to interact with interested prospects.

If you’re an agency interested in learning how to become a TEXTiUM Partner, or if you’re an advertiser looking for higher response and engagement from your marketing and want to find a TEXTiUM partner, email us at info@TEXTiUM.com. Or call us at 1.833.TEXTiUM.

TEXTiUM technology enables any marketing agency or advertiser to create more opportunities to sell.

TEXTiUM is not a direct marketing or advertising agency. We create revolutionary technologies that seamlessly merge any marketing effort with consumers’ preference for texting and a mobile experience.

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The technology that revolutionized direct marketing.

  • A personalized PIN or embedded email URL identifies each targeted recipient
  • Hold back a special offer or information that is only available by text 
  • The TEXTiUM call-to-action does not replace any other contact information
  • By giving prospects the option to text, more will respond 
  • Transitions prospect to a mobile shopping experience

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